'The Mandalorian' Season 2 TV Spot Includes New Baby Yoda Footage

We have been getting a fair amount of tidbits regarding The Mandalorian season 2 recently. Last week, the teaser trailer for the upcoming season of the successful Disney+ show made its way onto the internet. It was somewhat subdued, but it was nice that it left enough mystery to keep viewers guessing about the things that could happen in the upcoming season. We know that Moff Gideon will continue his villainous part in the story, and that we might learn a bit more about him, if recent interviews are anything to go by.

But of course, the main draw of the show seems to be The Child, known by fans worldwide as "Baby Yoda." When he was revealed in the first episode of the series, he won the internet for all time and became the subject of many memes. Lots of people love him, and who could blame them? Naturally, The Child has become more connected to the marketing of season 2, even being featured in the new logo. He is no longer a secret. Everyone is in on it. So it makes sense for him to be featured heavily in the marketing to ensure viewers that he will continue to be front and center.

As if the teaser trailer was not enough, we now have a TV spot that features a bit more footage of Baby Yoda. This was found by a Reddit user known as Zcure, and it appears in the following tweet from that user:

While the TV spot is only 30 seconds long and features familiar footage from the teaser trailer, there is still a bit of newness, such as The Child in the pod, as pictured below.

While the TV spot does not provide us with a whole lot of new information, it is still nice to get new bits here and there. And really, it may be preferable that the marketing does not show us too much new footage. Viewers may be satisfied enough with what they have seen so far. If anything, this TV spot is a reminder that The Mandalorian marketing machine is in full swing. We might see more TV spots, and how new or familiar they feel may vary. These serve as reminders for those not exactly in the know that season 2 is indeed happening. Even though the show is very popular, there needs to be marketing to keep reminding people of when it is supposed to come out. Those who may be wary of spoilers will probably try to avoid TV spots as best as they can. We do not know how spoilery these TV spots could end up being. Then again, the show did a fantastic job keeping The Child a secret. So perhaps there will be surprises in season 2 that the marketing will not spoil.

Of course, whatever new footage we get, it will be more interesting to see within the context of the series. The Mandalorian season 2 premieres on October 30, with each episode coming out weekly on Disney+.

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Source(s): The Direct