All The Information We Have about 'Star Wars Rebels' Sequel, And 'The Bad Batch' Show

Star Wars 3D animation has become such a huge part of Star Wars over the last 12 years. During the years when no new episodes were being produced for The Clone Wars, we got a successor of sorts called Star Wars Rebels. That particular show had a satisfying ending, but it left the door open for further adventures of the characters who remained. It feels open-ended and not quite like a concrete conclusion. Later, The Clone Wars was finally given its final season, during which it featured the elite squad known as the Bad Batch. Months later, it was announced that The Bad Batch would be the next Star Wars animated series, coming sometime in 2021. But what about the Rebels sequel series that fans have been expecting?

A week ago, Corey Van Dyke from Kessel Run Transmissions tweeted out what he knew about these upcoming series.

"I know everyone keeps asking where the Rebels sequel is. This is still all we know: 

•It’s Animated 

•Ahsoka/Sabine star in it. 

•Season 1 should be done.

I unfortunately have no new updates on it nor does our animation source. If we hear anything we’ll let you all know."

The most surprising tidbit from this tweet is that, according to Van Dyke, season 1 of the sequel series is already finished. We are so used to things being announced as they are produced that feels like it has snuck up on the fans.

Van Dyke continued to say what he thought was the likely timeframe for the series' release date:
It is Disney+, I’d expect Summer at this point.

He also mentioned a potential target release date for The Bad Batch.

"Small update on The Bad Batch. They are targeting a March/April release so hopefully we get the official date by the end of the year!"

For now, Disney+ is focused on The Mandalorian season 2 from October 30 to December 2018. If The Bad Batch is coming out in the spring, then it does make some sense to wait for summer before releasing the Rebels sequel series. Van Dyke also said that the quality of animation for The Bad Batch is comparable to The Clone Wars.
"What gets me really pumped for The Bad Batch is we’ve heard from our animation source that it’s the same quality as The Clone Wars. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I think this series has the potential to be incredible!"

If what Van Dyke is reporting is accurate, then it sounds like Star Wars animation fans are in for a treat next year. It is reassuring to know that there is no rest for the animation train. With The Bad Batch, we have the question of how the squad fits in during the time of the Galactic Empire, and how they might react to the changes. It has potential to be a somewhat dark and thought-provoking story in which the clones each question their purpose. With the Rebels sequel, we still have the question of where Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn are, and whether or not Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren find them. There is so much potential for either of these stories, and fans are eager to see what happens next in these different time periods. The animation side of the franchise has really come a long way, and it is reassuring to hear that things are still in development to satisfy those who love watching these well-animated stories. 2021 looks to be a promising year for Star Wars fans, and Disney+ continues to look more and more worth it for the content that they may be giving the viewers.
Source(s): The Direct