Behind The Scenes 'Avengers: Endgame' Images Of Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Some new behind the scenes pictures from Avengers: Endgame surfaced recently. In the "before times," the images would have simply been something mildly cool. In October of 2020, they trigger a different set of emotions.

The pictures were first discovered and released by @Tarantellajuly on Weibo. They were then shared by @CEvansNews on Twitter. The images are from two different scenes in the film. The photos include most of the cast, including Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, Karen Gillian, Mark Ruffalo, and Paul Rudd. The last three are only partially visible. The lighting within the images suggests these were probably rehearsal and staging shots. They do not match the look and feel of the final film

One of them looks like it is an alternate version of one of my favorite Rocket moments in the movie. You can see what looks to be a Rocket-like prop in the foreground. It may be a different staging of the scene where the team discusses the Infinity Stones over takeout. This time though, they are at a Chinese restaurant. Rocket calls Ant-Man “a shiny new puppy.” Whenever appropriate, I have used that phrase in my best Bradley Cooper-Esque Rocket voice at work for my own personal glee.

The second photo features Tony Stark at a desk with the rest of the Avengers arranged around him. This also looks like an alternative arrangement to one of the team’s meetings on the Infinity Stones. There does not seem to be a similar one in the final film.


The images immediately bring up feelings of nostalgia for the film saga. The MCU film franchise was such a monumental effort and journey for its creators and faithful fans who patiently watched eleven years of shows and movies. Any little tidbit about the process that brought it to life is welcomed. We can put ourselves back into that universe.

Thankfully, I can stream many of these films on Disney+. There are also loads of extra features. Some of the films can be streamed with commentary. I see these images and I think about the ride that brought us there.

I was lucky enough to catch a handful of movies in the theater before they were shuttered again. I wish they could have stayed open. Perhaps we could have watched all of the films back-to-back on the big screen once more. Eleven weeks of the MCU near you! If only.


Right after those wistful pangs of nostalgia, I got a little jealous. These days, it tends to happen whenever I see images of folks enjoying each other’s company on screen. Watching the Netflix series Ozark during the early part of the pandemic triggered me a little at that time. I was mildly envious of the Byrde family while they were out and about trying not to die. I did not think the same thing would happen now. I thought I had found my ‘new normal.’

Looking at these pictures made me realize how much I miss seeing faces. I am a functional introvert, so going out all of the time is not something I relish. Though I am really good at feigning it. I have a “cloop” of colleagues, lifelong and cosplay friends, and family nearby. We do not see each other in person often. Several of us are at higher risk. When we are in each other’s company, we wear our masks, taking them off briefly for pictures.


The last and most important feeling I have whenever I see these pictures is one of optimism. Hear me out. Yes, the theatrical release of Black Widow has been delayed once again. I am happy that it is ready to go. They can move it up too.

We also have pre-production beginning on a whole slew of other MCU titles. Casting choices have been announced for previously promised titles. Tatiana Maslany is She-Hulk. My girl Ms. Marvel has been cast and will be portrayed by a fresh face, Iman Vellani. There is more Marvel ahead.