Breaking: Bo-Katan And Cara Dune To Star In 'Mandalorian' Spin-Off Series

The Mandalorian is a hit show that has captivated many Star Wars fans. With the success of the series, it may be no surprise for Lucasfilm and Disney to try and make a spin-off of it, even this early on in the show's run. We have been hearing rumblings about various spin-off show ideas, and now we are hearing about a possible spin-off that would follow Cara Dune alongside Bo-Katan from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Such a spin-off would feature Katie Sackhoff, who voiced Bo-Katan, in live-action.

This comes from Kessel Run Transmissions on YouTube, who say that they have been sitting on this ever since they first heard about it approximately four months ago. They say that they do not report on such things right away until they have heard from enough credible sources. Apparently, the rumor sounds legitimate enough for them to report that this spin-off idea is in development over at Lucasfilm.

The two co-hosts, Corey Van Dyke and Noah Outlaw, speculated about when the series could possibly take place if Lucasfilm is moving forward with it. Noah said that he would not have thought that Cara Dune and Bo-Katan knew each other prior to The Mandalorian. However, he made a point that perhaps Cara, as a shock trooper, may have encountered Bo-Katan in some sort of battle at some point.

Corey speculated that the series may be greenlit depending on fan reception for Bo-Katan's appearance in The Mandalorian. They have heard from different sources that Cara Dune will become a fan favorite after season 2. If this is true, then it sounds like the upcoming season may have some setup that would expand Cara Dune as a character and perhaps reveal new things about her. Corey said that the show could be interesting depending on the characters who accompany Cara Dune in the show.

You can watch the Kessel Run Transmissions video below:

This project would have seemed like a no-brainer months ago, but in light of the Gina Carano controversy recently, one cannot help but wonder whether Lucasfilm and Disney may would reconsider whether they should still go through with this spin-off idea. A month ago, we reported on how Carano responded to the idea of people including pronouns in their social media bios. Many are upset that she seemed to be mocking transgender people and the practice of including preferred pronouns. So now there is this question among fans regarding whether Cara Dune may be recast.

Going back to the idea of Cara Dune and Bo-Katan possibly meeting each other prior to The Mandalorian, one might be able to imagine someone else playing a younger version of Cara Dune, perhaps five years before The Mandalorian. Then again, if the spin-off were to take place after Cara's appearances on The Mandalorian, that does not leave a recast off the table. Characters get recast all the time, and sometimes people just get used to it. Over at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people just went along with the transitions from Terrance Howard to Don Cheadle and Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo. It is not unheard of for a character to just be recast within the same continuity, even if there is no huge gap of time. If Lucasfilm and Disney were to decide that Cara Dune should be played by a different actress, the viewers would likely just go along with it. As long as the character performance is great and the story is compelling, people would still be able to enjoy this type of spin-off series.

The Mandalorian season 2 will premiere October 30 on Disney+.

Source(s): Kessel Run Transmissions