Hasbro Showcases Full-Size Marvel Replica of Thor's Stormbreaker

Even though the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film Black Widow has been postponed to summer 2021 due to the pandemic, that has not stopped Marvel from pumping up the Marvel fans around the world with their new collectible merchandise, which has been growing pretty well since the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008. For the MCU fans, great news has just surfaced online that should bring a huge joy and excitement, as this particular item when it made its theatrical debut. Now, diehard Marvel fans are able to collect the Thor’s Stormbreaker, which was featured in both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Hasbro and Marvel Entertainment have revealed a life size replica of Thor’s Stormbreaker axe from Infinity War and Endgame. In the films, Stormbreaker is an enchanted axe forged from Uru on Planet Nidavellir, and can summon the Bifrost. After the Mjolnir hammer was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor had to find a mighty replacement for his weapon in order to kill Thanos. With the help of Eitri the dwarf of Nidavellir (played by Peter Dinklage), Stormbreaker was designed to be able to kill Thanos. Thor had to travel with Rocket Raccoon and Groot in order to get this axe. Eitri disclosed Thanos’ actions to the trio, revealing that his hands had been covered in result of Thanos’ demand to create the Infinity Gauntlet. Eitri opens the star and re-lights the forge, melting down the ingots of Uru and pouring it into a mold as he shatters the mold to reveal the blade of the axes and weight. However, Eitri misplaces the handle. As Thor is dying and close to his death with the burning of the neutron star’s power, Groot decides to grasp the red hot pieces of metal with one of his arms and cut it off to make the handle.

In the comic book, Stormbreaker came into creation after the battle obetween Thor and Beta Ray Bill (who made a cameo appearance in MCU as a face statue in Thor: Ragnarok) for possession of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, at Skartheim. With Thor being proficient with Mjolnir, Beta Ray Bill is granted his own war hammer, with Eitri of Nidavellir and his fellow dwarf blacksmiths forging the Stormbreaker as Thor and Beta Ray Bill become allies who would fight many battles together. They would even form the Thor Corps with Eric Masterson’s Thunderstrike.

This is by far the coolest collectible merchandise from Marvel Entertainment that I have ever seen. Stormbreaker is coming in with the price of $159.99 USD, this massive axe is a near perfect life size replica of the Eitri of Nidavellir creation. Complete with a button that lights up the metal part of the axe with both blue and red lights and the mighty sound effects. Take a closer look.

This collectible item is sure to remind collectors of how Thor made his big entrance in Wakanda with Stormbreaker in Avengers: Infinity War as the audience cheered, excited to see the God of Thunder back in full force. This is an absolute must-have for any hardcore Marvel fans and collectors out there, as it has abstract detail pattern on the axe head and the Groot’s arm handle. It will be an interesting feeling for the collectors and fans to hold this life size axe. It may even make one feel like Beta Ray Bill. I would certainly be the one geeking out about this. Marvel comes out with a winner once again. 

Thor’s Stormbreaker life size replica is available to pre-order online as a part of the Marvel Legends series for $159.99 with free shipping and will be ready to be delivered in January 2021.

Source(s): The Direct