Her Universe Releases Exclusive New Collection With NYCC & MCM

New York Comic-Con and MCM Comic-Con are teaming up to bring fans a virtual fandom experience next weekend, October 8-11.

Metaverse is described as a "virtual realm," sure to provide something for all kinds of attendees:
"You'll encounter FREE panels streamed to YouTube, experience one-of-a-kind interactions with your favorite celebs and creators, discover new releases, explore a rich exhibitor marketplace and our famous Artist Alley, get access to exclusive merchandise, and connect with other fans from across the globe to celebrate all things pop culture.

This is everyone's show; no matter where on the globe you are, the Metaverse is your home." 
In preparation for what is sure to be an amazing convention full of panels, releases, and more, Metaverse has announced an exclusive new clothing collection in collaboration with Her Universe, my personal favorite clothing brand.

For those who are not familiar with Her Universe, the brand was founded ten years ago by Ahsoka Tano voice actress Ashley Eckstein with the mission to "create stylish, fashion-forward merchandise for female sci-fi fans." In a fandom merchandise world dominated by graphic tees and baseball caps, Her Universe introduced fashionable pieces that could fit into a stylish wardrobe beyond just t-shirts and hats, featuring dresses, sweaters, jackets, leggings, and more. 

The brand also has the Our Universe line, which provides more gender neutral clothing suitable to really any fan across the board.

This newest collection features fandoms like Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Marvel, and provides an array of clothing for all kinds of fans. The collection is available now at ReedPop, so let's take a look at what it has to offer.

The standout piece is clearly this Mandalorian cargo jacket, which features a silhouette of the Mandalorian, a snoozing The Child, and the classic Star Wars logo.

Other pieces from the Star Wars section of the release include a men's button up, and three pieces of matching activewear: a tank top, leggings, and a windbreaker, all featuring a retro, brightly-colored pink and teal pattern.

Next up is this Marvel color block hoodie, featuring the classic Marvel colors and a comics-style logo. There is also a long sleeve shirt with a similar style.

Finally, for the Doctor Who fans, there is a unisex hoodie featuring the classic "Police Public Call Box" lettering.

The items range from $30 to $70 in price and are the perfect merch for those feeling like they are missing out on cons this year.

There is also a line of other exclusive items for the virtual convention, which can be found here. These include NYCC face mask sets, lanyards, tie dye kits, magnets, and more. 

In a lead-up to the convention, Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein answered fan questions, spoke about the new clothing line, and more. You can watch below.

Her Universe's dedication to creating fashionable nerdy clothing is something to marvel at, especially given just how many options the brand provides. With options for all genders and sizes, Her Universe does not just feature items from the three fandoms shown above, but also from Studio Ghibli, Disney, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and even She-Ra

The clothing tends to stay pretty affordable (though some items like dresses and jackets can get pricey), and the brand reliably releases a new collection for every big event, whether it be a collection for new movies like Black Widow or Wonder Woman 1984, or fan conventions like this one.

With COVID-19 shutting down all in-person conventions and fan events, it is incredible that conventions like this one, as well as others like San Diego Comic-Con and Atlanta's Dragon Con, have made commitments to bringing the con experience into the home. While it is definitely more exciting to buy clothing pieces like these in a crowded vendor hall while dressed in cosplay alongside my best friends, this is definitely the next best thing!

Source(s): Metaverse, Her Universe