Introducing 'The Star Wars x Corkcicle Collection.' You Won't Be Disappointed.

Star Wars has iconic characters and visuals which can be conveyed through all sorts of products. One might look at a product and, based on the design, know right away which character it is meant to reflect. On October 8, a Star Wars themed line from Corkcicle, a drinkware company, was unveiled. interviewed Corkcicle's art director, Greg Perkins, about the process.
"We explored many different designs in the early stages of the process. Some were character-based, while others were not. Through that process, we saw a through line of designs representing classic characters rise to the top, making a cohesive product line. After that, we took a good look at the mix of characters we were working with and saw a natural theme of good versus evil — the Rebellion versus the Empire — and that dictated the blend of characters."
Regarding the visual language of Star Wars, Perkins recalled how, back in 1999, he was impressed by the iconic Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace poster featuring kid Anakin Skywalker with a Darth Vader shadow. It was somewhat subtle but spoke a lot as it foreshadowed the tragic future that the boy would face. Going forward with this drinkware line, subtlety became a key component, though it was possible to still convey the iconic imagery that would bring certain characters to mind.

Naturally, for this drinkware line, there had to be something that reflected Darth Vader, perhaps the most iconic Star Wars villain. There are stormtrooper-inspired cups, of course, but Darth Vader stands out from the rest. One can take a look at the Vader-inspired addition below and know which character it represents. Perkins explained how the Vader-esque design was decided:
"We settled on a gloss finish for the top of the product to play off the highly reflective qualities of his helmet and a soft touch finish on bottom relating to his cape. That was interesting and certainly felt right, but wasn’t enough to actually relate to the character. We tried a few things and eventually settled on a single red line in a foil finish to resemble the glow of his iconic red lightsaber, and also represent the evil of the Empire."

On top of that, the DNA of a couple other iconic characters is instantly recognizable in this collection. The pair to which Corkcicle looked for inspiration are the droids C-3PO and R2-D2. At the time of the interview, Perkins said that the Threepio-inspired design might be his favorite, though he acknowledged that his favorite could change on any day. In any case, when one glances at these particular droid-inspired items, it is very obvious which droids they represent. I would not be surprised if Corkcicle ends up making BB-8-inspired stuff at some point.

All of these look very aesthetically pleasing, and I could just imagine a lot more that Corkcicle could do if they want to explore characters representative of other eras in the franchise. For the sequel trilogy era, for example, I can imagine something shiny and reminiscent of Captain Phasma. A lot can be done with the color red, even, given the presences of the Crimson Corsair, the Praetorian Guards, and the Sith Troopers in the sequel trilogy. And for the prequel era, I am sure that something can be done for Maul or Ahsoka.

I am very tempted to get these Corkcicle products that are currently available. For the time being, however, they are very pleasing to look at. Generally speaking, Star Wars tends to have a visually pleasing aesthetic, and it is great to have collections like this one that are worthy of the legacy of the franchise.