Kathleen Kennedy Gets A Fan Banned For Life

Star Wars fandom can have some of the best people out there. But it also has its dark side. The Disney era of Star Wars has created a set of fans who are very unhappy with Kathleen Kennedy since she is the one in charge of Lucasfilm and they have not been happy with all of the company's decisions regarding recent films.

Unsurprisingly, some of this has ended up on Reddit. Cheat Sheet reported on a thread that shed light on such matters. The thread began with the following post on r/StarWarsCantina:
 “This is Rey. She is my favorite Skywalker. I posted this to the main sub and it was removed in less than 15 minutes and then I was banned for 30 days. Maybe you guys will be a little more welcoming.”
However, it also included the following:
“Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/StarWarsCantina. Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose.” 
This seems like an odd occurrence. On the surface, this does not seem like a post that would be deemed super offensive, unless one is simply unhappy with Rey taking on the name Skywalker. But even then, that is something that happens within the story and does not even feel like a super offensive thing. One can disagree with the story decision, but there are other things that could be removed that one might think would be more justifiable in terms of the removal. Some users chimed in on the thread, the following one being very surprising:
“I was banned from the main sub for wishing Kathleen Kennedy a happy birthday lol. A lifetime ban btw. The mods there are literally insane sequel haters.”
A fan getting banned for wishing Kathleen Kennedy a happy birthday sounds rather...stupid. Sure, one can disagree with her decisions, but what harm has she really done? Sure, Star Wars is more than just a movie, but it is also, at the same time, just a movie. Kathleen Kennedy is a human being. Why not wish her a happy birthday?

Another fan made the following comment:
“the main sub has really gone to the dark side if it’s gonna start actively nuking any positive or appreciation posts about the sequel trilogy. Not just having massive fan bias, but actively banning people: that’s just wrong.”
The sequel trilogy is not perfect. But if this is how things are going on certain parts of Reddit, then that is very unfortunate. It feels as if there is not much freedom to express positivity related to the sequel trilogy. Not everyone likes the trilogy, but putting down those who do enjoy it just seems sad. This is the type of stuff that gives Star Wars fandom a bad name and wants people not want to be part of it. It makes people think that Star Wars fandom is the absolute worst fandom out there. It is fine to critique the content, but putting down those who want to spread positivity is an unfair thing to do. It would be a difficult feat to get fans to agree on every single thing. It is impossible and would probably be boring if everyone just agreed. But hopefully, moving forward, many fans can at least agree that it is not a good move to put down those who just want to share their love of the franchise and wish a happy birthday to someone behind it. One can hope for a time when it does not feel embarrassing to be associated with Star Wars fandom as a whole.

Source(s): Cheat Sheet