Kathleen Kennedy Is To Blame For The Sequel Films Failure

As we know the Star Wars sequel trilogy made over $4 billion dollar worldwide, however the number from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens to Star Wars Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker went down from earning $2.7 billion to $1.7 billion dollar. There are reasons why this film flopping over time, and to be honest, The Force Awakens made over $2 billion because of the long awaited Star Wars film since 2005’s Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It was long overdue for Star Wars fans and a nostalgia with the original characters to come back and reprise their respective roles for the older generation that grew up with the original trilogy. These two reasons why it drew the audience back to see the movie, of course, not too mention not just the older but new generation of Star Wars fan will see it no matter what. But why is the film flawed and going down? Well, the Star Wars sequel trilogy was already flawed from the get go, because of the lack of planning and forethought. Even George Lucas, what it seems like to claim that he mapped out all the entire Star Wars saga from the get go, but that’s just an over saturate statement, since there’s an existing evidence he was actually making up as he went along, with Darth Vader with a completely different back story before Darth Vader was reconned as Luke Skywalker’s father on his second draft of the script, as it had been seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Back in 2012 when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they also purchased Lucas trilogy sequel scripts with under impression that Disney will make those scripts. However, as we knew that Disney went to a completely different direction, not as what George Lucas had envisioned. Of course, George Lucas was upset, “George immediately got upset as (as Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams) began to describe the plot.” Then from Bob Iger, the ex-Disney CEO said “and it dawned on him that we weren’t using one of the stories he submitted during negotiations.” There are, however, still have some elements from George Lucas in the sequel trilogy but all those were clouded with the Disney’s own spin.

On George Lucas’ prequel trilogy had divided the fanbase between the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. Lucas considered Star Wars had always been a children’s franchise. Which means, he did not think that the prequel trilogy would be appealing to the people who had grown up with the original sequel that eager to see the saga continue. When Disney scratched George Lucas’ trilogy sequel scripts, Disney and Lucasfilm sped up the process to a whole new direction without a proper training, all this because of they are trying to recouped what they had spent on purchasing Star Wars franchise as soon as possible. It is understandable that Disney was doing what they had to do, but speeding the process without a proper training was never a good idea, as a result the final cut became flaw and disappointment. Remember as it was in the interview with Daisy Ridley that the script kept on changing, not knowing which direction they wanted to go as far as putting Rey’s background story as finally decided at last minute to make Emperor Palpatine to be her grandfather. If only they took their time like Marvel Studios did, Star Wars sequel trilogy could be a better trilogy and will have no fans to be disappointed, and the number of earning globally will sky rocketed overtime, instead going down.

Source(s): https://screenrant.com/star-wars-sequel-trilogy-movies-problem-no-plan/