Lady Ivanka "Snoke" Goes To Fleet Farm

Star Wars toys are made consistently, and all sorts of people go out to buy them. Whether they be toys based on popular characters or toys based on lesser known characters, stores that are known to carry toys are likely to have at least one item that pertains to Star Wars. Sometimes, even people who are very well known go out to buy Star Wars toys, and then such occurrences get reported upon in the media.

On Friday, September 25, City Pages Minneapolis wrote about a visit to Fleet Farm (a retail chain in the US midwest) by Ivanka Trump that took place the day before. Ivanka Trump tweeted a couple photos of the visit, but City Pages did a whole piece on the occurrence. The visit was Star Wars related. Given that aspect, the article leaned into aspects of the franchise.

It spent a bit of time questioning the origin of the trench coat worn by Ivanka Trump during this visit. It then pointed out how the attire is reminiscent of Supreme Leader Snoke from the Star Wars sequel trilogy. A comparison to an image of Snoke sitting on his throne in The Last Jedi may compel some to agree that there are similarities. As such, the article went on to refer Ivanka Trump as "Lady Snoke," as well as "Snokess." For readers who may want to compare the outfits, the aforementioned image of Supreme Leader Snoke is included below. Opinions may vary as to how similar the outfits are, but this seems to be the one that is alluded to by City Pages.

The purchase appears to be what drove the Star Wars comparisons. During this visit to Fleet Farm, she purchased a particular toy: The Child from the Disney+ live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian, who has come to be known by many fans as Baby Yoda. The shelves in the picture look very empty, but at least one Baby Yoda was available at the time of Ivanka Trump's visit. Many agree that this character was a standout on the TV series, and he has gone on to be the focus of many memes created by viewers. Given the popularity of the character, a lot of merchandise inspired by him has been made since the release of the first season. Despite that show coming out around the winter holidays last year, there was no Baby Yoda merchandise at the time because the people working on the series wanted to keep the character's reveal a surprise for those who tuned into the first episode on its premiere date.

In addition to Baby Yoda, Ivanka is also shown carrying a bag of Red Vines in the same Twitter photo in which she carries Baby Yoda. The other photo shows her walking out of Fleet Farm and into the parking lot, carrying her purchases together in a plastic bag.

The City Pages article has its own views regarding Ivanka Trump's Baby Yoda purchase, and people can read the full article to see how it conveys the event of the purchase.

The character known as The Child (or Baby Yoda by some fans) will return onscreen in The Mandalorian season 2, which is set to premiere on October 30 on Disney+. The season, like the first one, will consist of eight episodes released on a weekly basis. The trailer showed that the bounty hunter Din Djarin is keen on bringing The Child to his people, so there will be no shortage of that character in the upcoming season, given that he is a huge focus.
Source(s): City Pages Minneapolis