Lucasfilm Reportedly Looking at Dave Bautista For Darth Bane Role In New Movie?

Darth Bane is a very popular character among Star Wars fans. Created by George Lucas and described as the Sith Lord who created the Rule of Two, Darth Bane got his own stories in the old Expanded Universe, now known as Legends. These include the comic book story Jedi vs. Sith and the Darth Bane novel trilogy consisting of Path of Destruction, Rule of Two, and Dynasty of Evil. In canon, a vision of Darth Bane appears to Yoda in the final arc of The Clone Wars season 6, voiced by Mark Hamill, no less. But who could play him in a live-action project?

We have previously reported on how a supposed insider named Daniel Richtman said on his Patreon that multiple Darth Bane projects may be in the works. Now, Richtman is being cited as a source for the possibility that Lucasfilm is considering Dave Bautista for a Darth Bane film. Bautista is known by many as Drax the Destroyer from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy films. While he has certainly done other roles in different films, many people see him as the comedic and exuberant Drax. Darth Bane's characterization would be a far cry from this, so one cannot help but wonder just how well Bautista could pull off the role. Looking at depictions of Darth Bane in Legends, Bautista might have a passing resemblance, but it would feel very superficial to cast the actor in that role solely based on a surface level somewhat passing resemblance.

Now, it should be noted that this report that cites Daniel Richtman comes from the notorious website We Got This Covered. So that right there might make one reluctant to believe that Lucasfilm are for sure gonna go through with this. They might have a thousand ideas that get brainstormed, and maybe someone says, "Hey, maybe that guy who played Drax can play Darth Bane." But some ideas do not make it past any more than just that. Also, the report from a couple days ago is not the first time that We Got This Covered said that Dave Bautista is being considered for the role; they reported the same thing a year ago, though they did not cite Daniel Richtman as a source for that previous report.

It is very difficult to tell just what is for sure happening. For all we know, some of this could simply be based on the following tweet from January 2016, in which Dave Bautista expressed interest in playing the role of Darth Bane:
"I would play Darth Bane at the local dinner theater!! Everyone in the audience would be terrified!"

At that time, Bautista seemed to be very into the idea of portraying Darth Bane. However, just because the actor is interested does not always mean that they will be cast. Ultimately, nothing is completely official until Lucasfilm makes the announcement. Other reports may have varying degrees of plausibility. We do not know yet what the next films will be about, so we will just have to wait and see.

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