Razor Crest Model Campaign Adds Exclusive Carbonite Figures as Pre-Order Bonus

There are many intellectual properties with a large collectable fanbase, such as Star Trek and The Lord of the Rings, but both of them pale in comparison to the Star Wars collectables. Since the release of the first film, there have been toys, video games, posters, and so on and so on. With every new character and movie, there have been collectables and products of every shape, size and type produced some for the better...


...and some for the worst.

(This can never be undone)

With the success of The Mandalorian, it only figured that it would follow in the traditional formula of merchandising. You only have to glance around any toy section at Target to find all of the Baby Yoda stuff you could ever want. Well, the next piece to get the collectable treatment is the ship of the titular Mandalorian, the Razor Crest. Hasbro's HasLab is developing such a model, and it is currently accepting preorders here for the small sum of $349.99, or the cost of roughly six new PS4 games. The crowdfunding campaign that made this possible was a mere six thousand backers, but it blew past that quickly. Now its new stretch goal is thirteen thousand backers, and if it can make those, it has a new prize. 

Considering that (as of the writing of article) it has 11,260 backers with twenty-five days to go, that should not be a huge problem. 

When the crowdfunding hits that second stretch goal, the model will have an additional set of carbonite figures to go with it, echoing a bit shown in the first episode of the show. Encasing a victim in carbonite was, of course, famously introduced as a concept in The Empire Strikes Back, so it was a nice little nod to the fans as well as a good bit of character building when The Mandalorian showed us that Din used it to secure his bounties.

So far, there appear to be four of the carbonite figurines that come with the Razor Crest model, but even if the stretch goal is somehow not hit, there are still several cool things that come with preordering, such as:

  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest vehicle
  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection 3.75-Inch The Mandalorian Figure in Beskar armor with a one-of-a-kind soft goods cape
  • Unlock #1: Escape pod
  • Unlock #2: Exclusive The Child figure with end-of-season-1 hover pram

The ship itself will be 30 inches long with the main cannons, 20 inches wide, and 10.5 inches tall when sitting on the landing gear, creating one of the largest of The Vintage Collection models produced by Hasbro. Given the size of it and all of the features, the argument could be made that it is worth the $350 price tag. It would certainly not be cheap to produce something like this. 

It is neat that Hasbro is adding new features to the model if the stretch goal is hit. They could just take the money they have gotten and see it as more profit than expected and leave it at the original design, but they decided to take it and create something cool, which will add to the value of the model. It adds more incentive to preorder the thing instead of waiting for it to come out. You are dropping $350 bucks on it. Might as well get it with all of the bells and whistles. 

As of the writing of this article, there are still twenty-five days for preorders, and a little under two thousand backers needed to get the carbonite figures. If you act fast, you can have four little carbonite figures to go along with the admittedly awesome looking ship.

Source(s): Comicbook.com