'Red Prophecies': Alexander Nevsky Exclusive Interview

Red Prophecies:
Written & Directed by Alexander Izotov
Starring: Alexander Nevsky (Black Rose, Showdown in Manila)
Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables)
Michael Madsen (Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs)
Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects, Bio Dome)
Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Alita: Battle Angel)
Oded Fehr (The Mummy, Resident Evil: Apocalypse)

Alexander Nevsky was born in Moscow. He got a degree from Russian State University of Management. Later, he moved to United States, where he began to study English at UCLA, as well as acting at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles. Nevsky is also a three-time winner of Mister Universe at World Bodybuilding Federation / World Fitness Federation. Nevsky is also an established actor in his home country thanks to the hit series Self-Made Man, which had about 20 million viewers weekly on Channel One Russia in the 90’s. He had also been featured in many magazines such as Hollywood Reporter Russia, GQ Russia, and Playboy Russia, just to name a few. Nevsky has also been involved behind the scenes of many film productions as a producer and director, with his directorial debut being Black Rose, a theatrical box office hit in Russia. Other action films in which he was involved include Showdown in Manila, Maximum Impact, Magic Man, and his first Hollywood film in the form of the successful theatrical hit Undisputed from The Warriors’ director Walter Hill.

Check out our exclusive interview with Alexander Nevsky himself.

1. How did you get involved with the project?

"It was Alexander Isotov’s idea, my friend and co-producer, to do a thriller and suspense. It was interesting to try because in Black Rose if you watched it, I even try some horror because it was kind of like everything at once. Some of that was action and some of that was suspense and some of that was horror. We did the same thing with Red Prophecies. It was his idea, but whenever I read the script, I thought it was very interesting to try, and we did and you saw the trailer, you know, and hopefully you like the film."

2. How did you like working on this? What kind of experience? Was it a fun experience? Was it difficult or challenging?

"It’s interesting because first, of course, first when it was started many years was a complete fun. It was a hard work as you know, as an independent filmmaker, it was a hard work, but we loved it, so it was a huge fun. I mean we feel so lucky that we can do it because too many people just dream about that and we’re making it, so it was huge fun. This year, when we’re finishing the film in the middle of pandemic in LA, of course also it was fun, but it was also new and interesting emotion. But again, I think it is very important to understand, it’s all up to you to set up your ranges. And of course when it all happened, we’ll just finish it next year or finish it when all things are over or whenever because you know all Hollywood production stopped, everything stopped suddenly, no more film business, right? But later especially in June when the California’s governor opened it up first time, remember? We thought, Alexander in Moscow, and I’m here in LA, we thought, 'You know what? We’ll finish it. We’ll get it together and finish it.' And we brought very good team over here and we finished it less than a week, and again we used all that safety protocol and that was interesting, especially to pause for congress, you know? I mean, I like to do publicity to push my project and c’mon, you covered your face all the time and took it to the beach and everything, but it’s a new world and we have to adjust. We shouldn’t give up, we just have to adjust."

3. How did you like working with Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts, Stephen Baldwin, Casper Van Dien, and Oded Fehr all in one room? What was the experience from that stellar cast?

"Too bad, we don’t have a moment like that for us all in one room. We don’t have that in this film. But for a second talking about Showdown in Manila, and I’ll go back to Red Prophecies, I mean for me, I also have huge collection of DVDs and Blu-rays, before I was a bodybuilder. I was a huge fan of a lot of action heroes and got them all on a set in the jungle, the real jungle in Philippines, was me, Casper Van Dien, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Olivier Gruner, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagaw. I mean all of them, was huge, all of them together. That’s a magic, there’s a magic in it. The same thing in Red Prophecies, I mean to have them all and again I know their film and I loved their films, they’re all heroes, and I worked together with Eric and Casper before. For me, it’s always magic, it’s a magic if I can say it in one word, because again so many people dream about working on movies, making movies, being a movie star, working with movie star and everything. So I know how lucky I am, I know that, for sure."

4. When I checked IMDb, there are two Red Prophecies, 2014 and 2020. Is this a remake? Because I saw the same cast and crew.

"You know, IMDb as well as Wikipedia, they’re great website. The problem with them, I mean everyone can put something there and so many managers probably put too much information that they couldn’t figure out what is not or whatever. We didn’t create the official page yet, you know, because we are busy with other things, but in Russia this movie is a huge deal, here again, suddenly probably not many movies had been around. I mean the announcement of Red Prophecies was a big deal, so a lot of fans are trying to mess with IMDb or Wikipedia. It’s great but no, we don’t have two Red Prophecies. We have one and it’s actually 2020 movie, I promised you next time you check IMDb close to the release, you’ll have one Red Prophecies and will be the correct one."

5. How did you approach your character? How did you prepare your character?

"You know, for my character here, as you know, I always play the good guys in film. That’s basically my motto: Always play good guys. In this one, you have to watch the whole film and figure out if my character is good or bad. And for me, the inspiration of the character was John Travolta character in Swordfish, if you remember Swordfish. Great film. Great action thriller film. He was an inspiration for the character, so I’m a big fan of Arnold, Sly and all that, and I also a big fan of John Travolta. He was an inspiration for that role. In this film, I didn’t show any muscles, I have suit all the time and everything. For me to approach it, it was interesting because I like the challenge and of course it’s easy to punch someone. Or when you show your muscles, you have mustache all of that. Of course, it’s harder if you play with just your emotions with your eyes. It’s harder but I prepared well I think, and you can see in the trailer, they decided to use my narration in the trailer and I was glad to see that, you know. It’s kind of new for that role for me. The good thing is in the next one, again, I will just punch people out and stop talking in my broken language. The next one, I’ll have the usual fun."

6. Are there any upcoming projects to talk about?

"I wanna tell you about a very interesting project for me because I also used this extra time during the pandemic. I was working on my first English language book. And in Russia, I had published ten book over the last 25 years because I became popular and successful over there many years ago. This will be my first book in English, called From Zero to Action Hero. And that’s my story, because I was very skinny, I didn’t do any sports, but the journey from Soviet Union and Soviet Union didn’t have movie business, we didn’t have official legal bodybuilding or something. We didn’t have at all, so that’s about the first part of the book about my journey from zero to action hero, and is like my autobiography, and second part is like national body building guide how you can do it yourself, how you can build your muscles without drugs or without steroids, especially now how you can do it in the park, simple exercise with dumbbells or use your own weight. The book is finished and I hope it will be published here at the same time Red Prophecies will be released. That’s what I’m trying to do right now. I hope next time we’ll talk, I’ll have my book in my hands. So please check it out."

Red Prophecies was shot in Moscow and Los Angeles. The film offers a timely look at interference with a US Presidential Election, with plenty of action and powerhouse performances to keep audiences at the edge of their seats.

An American journalist works in Moscow and finds himself embroiled in dangerous political games, the purpose of which is to destabilize the situation in Russia and then interfere with the holdings of the Presidential elections in the United States. The journalist begins his own investigation in order to uncover who is behind the operation “Red Prophecies” - special services, financial tycoons or international terrorists?

Red Prophecies is coming soon.