Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Time Setting: Set Photo May Reveal Year the Film Takes Place

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Time Setting: Set Photo May Reveal Year the Film Takes Place.

Many of The Batman set photos had been revealed online from their production in Liverpool. But this time, a new set photo had surfaced online and gave the DC fans around the world the answer to their questions all this time, where does The Batman timeline takes place? We know this film considers as a stand alone DC film that is not connected to DC Extended Universe but a reincarnation of the character as the early year of Batman when Bruce Wayne first becomes Batman. With a new set photo, it seems like it hinted when does the year takes place and possible also plot threads that could sums up the film.

A stunt double for the Cape Crusader revealed a video from a top of a tall tower that indicates the classic Batman iconography will be featured in the film as well as Batman’s rogue gallery that had been spotted on set such as Catwoman portrayed by Zoe Kravitz, Carmine Falcone portrayed by John Turturo and the iconic fan favorite The Penguin portrayed by Colin Farell. Many other images surfaced online that gives a look for tons of people are wearing costumes for Halloween celebration which also included prominent inclusion of an extra dressed up as Superman from Christopher Reeves’s portrayed as well as another extra that dressed up to look like Wonder Woman.

A contributor named Brandon Davis, according to, posted a new set photo The Batman on his Twitter, which the photo was taken off the side of a taxi cab on Chicago’s set, which featuring a Gotham City taxi logo with the year 2019.

This is to obvious that The Batman is taking place in the year 2019 as opposed to its current filming year of 2020 or release year of 2021 before it was postponed to 2022. This is pretty much more relatable time period to set in the film, taking The Batman in the modern or present time. Since the film started the production in January 2020, of course, pandemic happened and Hollywood was forced to shut down all productions in March 2020, The Batman will be a modern iteration as opposed from the previous Batman movies, which Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns took place at their present time which in the late 80’s and early 90’s followed by Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Zack Snyder’s Batman (Ben Affleck) took place in the 2000’s and 10’s, their respective present time at the time. So it only makes sense to make this stand alone Batman especially another reincarnation of the character, The Batman takes place in our present time, which is 2019 Why is year 2019? That will be the question. In my opinion, it should be taking place in the year 2021 since the film originally planned to be released in June 2021 before it had to be postponed to 2022 due to pandemic, which actually gave Matt Reeves, the director, to have more time to mold his own version of the Dark Knight and not being rushed into the rest of the production.

It’s actually still interesting to bring Batman in the modern era where then there was no advance technology like what we have now. Even The Dark Knight Rises, at the time the film came out in 2012 felt very modernized but of course there were some technology that we have now weren’t there then. Although the set photo indicates The Batman will take place in the year 2019, The Batman will be released in theaters in 2022.