'Star Wars: The Mandalorian' Season 2 Writers Revealed

The Mandalorian season 2 is approaching ever further, and we are learning more and more about it in the lead-up. The website for the Writers Guild of America currently lists the writer credits for each episode of The Mandalorian season 2. The three key names are Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and Rick Famuyiwa. (It is almost as if only writers with surnames beginning with the letter “F” were allowed to write these episodes. Joking, of course.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jon Favreau is credited as the writer for six of the eight episodes this upcoming season. This is the same amount of episodes that he wrote for season 1. It is only natural that the creator and showrunner would write the majority of the season. Since this strategy seems to have worked very well for season 1, it makes sense that this pattern would be followed once again for season 2.

So which two episodes did Favreau not write? Well, the website lists Dave Filoni as the writer for season 2 episode 5 (“Chapter 13”). Filoni also told Deadline back in May that he directed the same episode that he wrote, so that would indicate him as the director of this episode. Meanwhile, Rick Famuyiwa is credited for season 2 episode 7 (“Chapter 15”). Back in season 1, Famuyiwa co-wrote “Chapter 6: The Prisoner” with Christopher Yost. This time, Famuyiwa is the sole writer for his episode, and it is the penultimate one. So one could probably guess that his episode would set some things up for the season finale.

Meanwhile, Dave Filoni wrote “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger” back in season 1. For season 2, he is writing the fifth episode once again. One cannot help but wonder whether that was intentional. With Filoni as the writer for “Chapter 13,” there is now some speculation that this would most likely be the episode where we would see any familiar character from The Clone Wars. We have been hearing that Rosario Dawson will be on the show as a live-action Ahsoka Tano. (Dawson’s involvement, albeit without the character name, was seemingly confirmed unintentionally by the Disney+ Germany account on Instagram.)

The character has been very much tied to Filoni over the years, so it seems reasonable to surmise that he would be the writer for any episode that would incorporate the character. One could make the case that Filoni knows Ahsoka better than any other writer. He would probably at least have a guiding hand in the direction that the character should be taken. But if he is working on the series as a writer anyway, then he might as well be the writer on an episode where Ahsoka would be featured. This is currently speculation, but it may hold some water.

This is also further speculation on my part, but with Filoni having written “The Gunslinger,” could it perhaps be possible that Boba Fett may appear in his episode, given that the ending seemed to hint at a future appearance by Boba Fett? We know thanks to Temura Morrison’s agency that he is making an appearance on the upcoming season. And since Filoni has had experience overseeing the character in some episodes of The Clone Wars, would he be the best writer to guide the direction of the character on The Mandalorian? On one hand, it might feel like too much to have both of these big name characters in the same episode. On the other hand, if they only appear in this one episode (assuming that they do not appear in more then one), their cameos would be done with, and the rest of the season could focus on Din Djarin and the other characters originally introduced on the series.

Whatever happens, viewers are excited to see The Mandalorian season 2, which premieres on Disney+ October 30.

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