The Reason Why Rey Deserves Her Own Sequel Trilogy

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker was touted as a conclusion to the saga films, or, more specifically, the Skywalker saga. The hero who was central to the sequel trilogy was Rey, who, at the end of it all, takes on the Skywalker moniker. The final scene of the film shows her at the Lars homestead from the original film, where she buries Luke and Leia's lightsabers before igniting her own yellow-bladed lightsaber. As conclusive as some things in the film may have felt, this scene, as suggests, actually feels more like a new beginning for Rey rather than a conclusion to the story. This scene alone points to another big story that could be told.

While the sequel trilogy has been Rey's journey, people have been critical of just how powerful Rey seems to be. Some people wanted to see her training, even after what we saw at the beginning of The Rise of Skywalker. (Personally, I thought it was clear that Leia had been training her for a year, and that was enough for me in terms of seeing how Rey had grown stronger.) One thing that I would have liked to have seen, however, is Rey building her own lightsaber. She spends most of the trilogy using other lightsabers that have been given to her. When she ignites the yellow blade at the very end, it feels like a "So what?" moment to me since we did not get to see her go through the trial of constructing it and then using it. Plus, it is just badly framed on the screen. We do not get a full look at the saber, and it is irritating how we do not get to see the whole thing within the frame.

Admittedly, much of my own desire for a continuation of Rey's story is driven by how impressed I was with last year's video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. We got to see Cal Kestus construct his lightsaber, and it was so satisfying to see after all of the challenges that he faced. After playing as that character and seeing ancient temples in that story, I have a strong desire to see Rey, and perhaps others with her, rebuild the Jedi Order. Between Order 66 and the fall of the First Order, there is a gap of 54 years. Sure, the Jedi of the prequels were flawed, but it is ridiculous and somewhat sad that the Jedi Order has not been rebuilt and made better somewhat permanently in all that time.

Some of the criticisms over how Luke was depicted in these newer films may be due to people expecting him to rebuild the Jedi Order to make it as big as it became in Legends. His inability to succeed in that left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans. The Jedi are not as plentiful in the sequel era as some might have preferred. We need Rey to fulfill that so that we are not left thinking that the Jedi seem done. The Star Wars Book, a new release, classifies Rey as a Jedi Master trying to restore peace, so that puts her in a position to train a new generation and have it stick.

The next Star Wars movies will not be about the sequel trilogy characters, but Daisy Ridley has not closed the door on the possibility of returning. Perhaps a good time for a Rey trilogy would be after this next set of films. By the time it comes out, those who grew up with the sequel trilogy may become old enough to feel nostalgic for its characters. If we get an Episode X or something like that, I hope to see a New Jedi Order flourishing, having learned from the mistakes of the past.