Tom Holland Confirms 'Spider-Man 3' Will Start Filming After 'Uncharted'

It has been confirmed that Spider-Man 3 has started filming in Sunnyside Queens in New York City. However, it seems like a second unit crew was sent to film there, which means that they do not need the main actors to be there. Second unit can be just for some establishing shots, exteriors, some of action scenes that does not require the main actors but just stunt doubles, or even major scenes without requiring Tom Holland in the scenes. Meaning, they could be filming with Jacob Batalon in scenes where they do not have Peter Parker. There are many possibilities since Tom Holland is still on the set of Uncharted, for which he is finishing his parts. I think that it is safe to say that we will not be seeing any images from the set anytime soon, probably not even to see Jamie Foxx’s new Electro costume. Initially, Spider-Man 3 was not supposed to start production until January 2021, but seeing this, it seems like the production of Spider-Man 3 is happening sooner than we thought.

The news came in with Dominic Holland, the father of Tom Holland, when they both sat down for his “In-Vision” podcast, where the father and son duo indirectly indicated that Spider Man 3 will start production after his son finishes filming for Uncharted.
“It’s nice that we got to play actually because once we go to Spain and Atlanta, I won’t get to see you.”
“No, that’s why Nicky [Nicola Frost] said, ‘Listen Dom, hop on a plane because you won't see Tom until March.’ Hopefully, you can come back at Christmas.”
This conversation is pretty much implying that Tom Holland is shooting Uncharted in Spain and then going straight to Spider-Man 3 production afterward. The production of Uncharted will finish soon or ahead of its schedule as Spider-Man 3 production can start in Atlanta sooner than January 2021, as it was previously indicated. Considering how the Hollands' conversation indicated that Spider-Man 3 will start in the end of the year, it looks like November can be the right month for Spider-Man 3 to start its production. Which is implied by Tom Holland’s shooting schedule as Uncharted has been filming for two weeks now in Barcelona and, more than likely, it will wrap its principal photography by next month.

If this is the case, Marvel fans around the world can expect some images from the set, especially images of Jamie Foxx’s new Electro costume or even Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, who was confirmed to be in Spider-Man 3 as the key figure. Before this, however, he has his own adventure in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. Perhaps Doctor Strange will only have a cameo appearance like in Thor: Ragnarok, but who knows if that cameo appearance still sets the key to multiverse, or in this case, perhaps what Marvel fans have been waiting forever for: a live-action Spider-Verse story, as we had heard the rumors about Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield possibly reprising their respective Spider-Man role from their solo films. However, Sony said that those rumors were not confirmed. There have also been rumors of Green Goblin actors Dane DeHan and Willem Dafoe reprising their roles from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If these rumors are true, soon Marvel fans can also expect some images from those actors. Then again, as this is speculation, Marvel and Sony might even keep it under wraps like how they did with J.K. Simmons' cameo as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Let’s sit tight and hope for the excitement from the MCU. As of now, Spider-Man 3 is scheduled to swing into theaters on December 17, 2021.

Source(s): The Direct