You Can Now Order Galaxy’s Edge Merch From Home

As a Star Wars fan who lives in California, one of the most disappointing parts of pandemic-related business closures for me is the fact that Disneyland is not open. 

One of my favorite places is Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the faraway planet of Batuu that is filled with all kinds of fun and unique food, clothing items, alien creatures, and more. Galaxy's Edge notoriously has items that can only be bought on-site at Disneyland, making a trip even more imperative for those who want to get their hands on something special, like a customized lightsaber.

However, Disney has now made items that could previously only be purchased in the parks available on the ShopDisney website.

Unfortunately, the lightsaber hilts sold out rather quickly, so you will still have to wait to visit the park if you want one of those, but there are tons of other incredible items available.

Perhaps the most exciting (and expensive!) items are their clothing collections, which are more or less Star Wars cosplays designed to be worn in the parks. You can choose from the Dark Side or Light Side Collections, and they offer a Women's Resistance Collection as well, which is very reminiscent of Rey's attire.  

The Dark Side and Light Side Collections include a tunic, belt, robe, and lightsaber belt clip, and the Resistance Collection includes a tunic, vest, belt, armbands, belt, and belt clip (pictured below). Items in the collection can be purchased together or separately and range in price.

The Resistance Collection blurb reads:
"Explore our Resistance Collection direct from Black Spire on Batuu at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and tap into the Force. Our vest, tunic, belt, arm wraps and lightsaber clip will ensure you complete every mission in style."

You can also purchase your very own R2-D2 or BB-8 interactive droid, both of which retail for $99.99. The blurb on the ShopDisney site reads:
"Direct from a galaxy far, far away comes this new pre-built version of the BB-8 interactive droid from Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The Star Wars character features authentic lights, sounds, and integrated Bluetooth technology so it will always be at your command." 
The droids are each about a foot tall, and while they are not customizable like the droids you can build at the Droid Depot in Galaxy's Edge, they are spitting images of our favorite droids from the films.

While the lightsabers and blades are no longer available on the website, there is a Galaxy's Edge-specific lightsaber sheath available, designed especially for protection of your saber in the parks, but useable anywhere. 
"Force wielders will be happy to have this handsome Lightsaber Sheath from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The padding of the main canvas sleeve will keep your lightsaber protected and the side pockets are perfect for additional essentials."
Other finds on the ShopDisney website include an R5-P8 Die Cast Action Figure, Pop! Vinyl Bobble Heads of DJ R3X (a character who is featured most notably in Olga's Cantina in Galaxy's Edge) and Hondo Ohnaka (a character deeply tied to lore and plotlines present in Galaxy's Edge), various pins in the style of certain characters, such as BB-9E, Rose Tico, K-2SO, and Kylo Ren.

This is a limited release, and while no end date is given, it is expected that once items sell out, they will not return for a while. The lightsaber hilts and blades listed on the website show that they are on backorder, so it is possible that a restock is planned, but it is certainly not guaranteed.

Check out the site if you are missing Galaxy's Edge like I am, and stay tuned for more Star Wars merch announcements! 

Source(s): Polygon, ShopDisney