Baby Yoda Joins Astronauts On Crazy SpaceX Flight To ISS

The Child, given the affectionate fan nickname "Baby Yoda," is the most popular character on The Mandalorian. He has captured the attention of Star Wars viewers both casual and seasoned all around the world. The character has been at the center of many classic memes, and many people want merchandise pertaining to him. Now, he is part of space history.

On Sunday night, NASA astronauts Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins, and Shannon Walker were accompanied by Japanese Space Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi on a trip to the International Space Station. During the NASA live stream of this event, viewers were able to spot a toy of The Child floating around. You can check it out at the tweet below, which reads the following:
"Views inside the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft reveal a “Baby Yoda” toy joined the astronauts on the launch as their zero G indicator."

The inclusion of this little fellow on the voyage was kept a secret by the crew, NASA, and SpaceX. When they entered Zero G and it was time to turn the cameras back on, Glover said, "Baby Yoda says you guys can come back on board." Star Wars fans were very excited to see the beloved character in this vessel, with tweets including the following:

 "Baby Yoda goes to space! Spoiler twist ending for The Mandalorian season 2?"

"Why is it called the International Space Station? After Baby Yoda arrives it'll be interplanetary." 

"The Child went into space y’all. The Child. Baby Yoda grew up to become Yoda. Who is dead. RIP Yoda."

"This is the way. I'm so happy to see this and my kids will love to hear about it. #BabyYoda #TheMandalorian #ThisIsTheWay #TheChild"

"Even Disney is getting in some product placement in space. Baby Yoda chills in zero G."

"Wow they really sent a baby Yoda doll into space and I still can’t even get a txt back"

Tweets such as these are all in good fun, showing just how enthusiastic people are when it comes to this character. With the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars, it is perhaps not too surprising that a character as popular as The Child would make his way on this particular astral trip. We have seen him travel in space within the fictional galaxy far, far away, but there is also something magical about seeing him on a real life trip through outer space. One might even call it life imitating art. And if there is one piece of art from Star Wars to be imitated, The Mandalorian would be an obvious choice. With the TV show having united much of the Star Wars fandom, this particular real life event is just the cherry on top of the [insert favorite dessert here]. What a magnificent sight this is.

To see the further adventures of The Child in space within the context of the Star Wars universe, catch new episodes of The Mandalorian, which air on Disney+ on Fridays.

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Source(s): CNet