Check Out The New Teaser For 'The Mandalorian' Featuring The Krayt Dragon


As the hype continues to grow for The Mandalorian season 2, there has been even more upcoming footage released in the form of a teaser trailer. 

The season started off extremely strong with "Chapter 9: The Marshal," featuring The Mandalorian and The Child's adventure with Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant), Tusken Raiders, and the Krayt dragon. We got a small surprise look at Boba Fett as well. It acted more as a filler episode, but it does progress the story along. The second episode, "Chapter 10: The Passenger," was not quite as strong as the first one, but definitely continues the main adventure. We get more of “Baby Yoda” and his interesting eating habits. We get to see X-wing pilots and meet an alien frog who is trying to protect her eggs. Oh, not to mention space spiders. All in all, a good solid start to the much anticipated season! 

And with more episodes to go, the excitement just keeps on building.

Earlier this week, Disney+’s Twitter account released a new teaser trailer for the rest of the season. The teaser, which is a full 30 seconds, features footage from their previous two adventures: "Chapter 9: The Marshal" and "Chapter 10: The Passenger." It also features footage for the future episodes, including new footage we have never seen in any of the other teaser trailers. 

Here is the teaser trailer:

We see the footage from "Chapter 9: The Marshal" with Cobb Vanth and the Krayt dragon. And then we also see exciting footage of Gina Carano’s Cara Dune. We see Mando and “Baby Yoda” meeting up with Cara Dune again. As such, the footage offers a look into Cara Dune’s adventures with Mando and “Baby Yoda” and teases the possibility that she may be with them for a few episodes. 

The tagline of this week’s episode reads: “The Mandalorian braves high seas and meets unexpected allies.” This could mean a number of things, but immediately, the thought that comes to mind is something pirate-like…perhaps. With the wording of “high seas,” it definitely makes one think of something having to do with pirates, ships, or naval battles. Which would definitely be interesting for a show that is science fiction and takes place in space. There should be no shortage of action and craziness as Mando and “Baby Yoda” go into this next adventure on Friday November 13 with the release of "Chapter 11." Perhaps Cara Dune is the unexpected ally whom they meet in Chapter 11. People will probably know by the time they read this, after the episode is released, but it is fun to speculate on this end beforehand.

It is also expected that Din Djarin uses the information that he found on the covert last week to help Mando locate more of his brethren as they remain in hiding. We can expect that Din Djarin and Cara Dune will most likely be fighting alongside Mando at some point in the series when they all reconnect. 

The reviews that have been pouring in from this season praise the show like never before. The Washington Post calls it “Star Wars storytelling at its best.” CNet described it as “hugely entertaining." And Deseret News calls it, “an epic ride that brings us back into a galaxy far, far away." The positive reviews are only growing.

From the looks of the action in the teaser trailer that was released, it looks like we are in for a very exciting ride from blaster fights to speeder rides through muddy terrain with “Baby Yoda,” and more exciting flying and flight action as well!

"Chapter 11" releases this Friday, November 13. With each new episode, the excitement grows, and we are brought closer to learning the answers to the many questions.            

Source(s):  The Direct