Check Out This Baby Yoda Pop Figure From 'The Mandalorian'


The Mandalorian is a hit new (well, relatively new, as it has been out for a year now) Star Wars TV show currently airing on Disney+. One of the main characters of the show, and now proving to be one of the most popular, despite the character not really having a proper name, is “The Child,” a young alien of Yoda's species. Incorrectly and immaturely named “Baby Yoda” by social media, it was inevitable that pop vinyls and other merchandise of The Child would appear sooner or later. Now Funko have revealed their latest figure: a depiction of The Child with the egg canister, from The Mandalorian season 2's “Chapter 10: The Passenger.” 


The Child has always had a taste for frogs, with there being two instances where The Child snatches up these creatures for a tasty snack. In “Chapter 2: The Child,” he chases and proceeds to eat a full sized frog, even though the amphibian barely fits into his mouth. The other instance of frog-consuming shows up in “Chapter 4: Sanctuary,” where a frog is shown early in the episode, and the same frog is then caught by The Child later when he arrives in the village. He then shoves the frog into his mouth and prepares to eat, until the other children all show their utter disgust, prompting The Child to drop the frog, allowing it to escape. 


In “Chapter 10: The Passenger,” The Child mischievously and horrifyingly eats some of the Frog Lady's unfertilized eggs, contributing to the potential extinction of her lineage. This is both gruesomely comical and slightly disturbing, but inevitably makes for memorable moments within the episode, and therefore justified and a Funko figure, immortalizing the moments. 


Fans of the show may be interested to know that “Chapter 10: The Passenger” is not the first appearance of Frog Lady. She actually first appeared in the season 1 episode “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger,” in the cantina. This gives the impression that she may have been on Tatooine for quite some time, and also reinforces the continuity of familiar characters. While there is not yet any pop vinyl for Frog Lady, a character poster for her has been revealed:


Fans may also like to know that there is a joke that Yoda was the spawn of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. This reference is reinforced by The Child's association with frogs, and also the link between Frog Lady and The Child. Is The Child's fascination and hunger for frogs a reference to the original Star Wars trilogy? In any case, a figure of The Child eating a frog is currently available from Funko, so the upcoming egg canister version is not the first Child and frog related figure.


The Child with Egg Canister is now available for preorder here.


To watch the further adventures of Din Djarin and The Child and see whether or not there are more frog-related incidents, tune in to The Mandalorian when new episodes drop on Fridays over on Disney+.

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