Kanye West Said That The Prequels Are Better Than The Sequels

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Mega-star, genius, and presidential candidate, Kanye West has a lot of opinions. He even has one about the Skywalker saga Star Wars movies.

Recently Kanye West was on the Joe Joe Experience. It was a great conversation as always on the JRE. Full disclosure, I have had a crush on Joe since he was in News Radio. Fuller disclosure, I had a thing for that entire cast. My tastes are as mercurial as they are inclusive.

I watched all two hours and 57 minutes of the conversation between Joe and Mr. West, AKA Yeezy AKA Ye. Joe can make even the most capricious of stars feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Joe exudes an authenticity that permits his guests to be their genuine selves. 

This conversation gave me a deeper appreciation of Ye's super nerdy mind. Joe gave Ye space to riff on his ideas without pause. Listeners just needed to hang on tight as Ye's mind went from idea to idea like Super Mario leaping from cloud to cloud. (Ye's brilliant metaphor, not mine.)

Joe had him on the show because Ye is running for President. Within the first few minutes of their conversation, Ye referenced Kurzweil. With that, he had my attention immediately.

I appreciated Ye's thirst for knowledge and desire to apply that knowledge to improve the world. A genius nerd like Ye has ideas and opinions on every subject, including Star Wars. Many have attempted to make mountains out of Ye's comments about the Skywalker saga. Here is that part of their chat: 

Ye: "This is about to get me made right here. This is the first time you'll see me get mad in the interview.  They said that George Lucas's prequels are worse than the corporate-made Disney Star Wars.
Joe: I'll get mad at that too. That's f***** ridiculous.
Ye: Revenge of the Sith? We saw how Darth Vader was made! Like, I watched that, like, ten times during COVID."
Ye (quoting Obi-Wan): 'Don't jump Anakin, I've got the high ground!'
Joe: Those early movies were pure. They were pure
Ye: "No, no, I'm saying even the prequels are better than anything that…And I'm sorry Disney Star Wars design team. No man, this is George. This is his baby. That thing was set in his heart to show us, as his children, the hero's journey…"

Both Joe and Ye continued to allude to Star Wars throughout the interview. Ye noted that Disney would rather make a million Frozen movie sequels than leap on a new idea.

Later, he likens his life journey to the Star Wars franchise but in reverse. He felt that he already created all of his equivalent Star Wars merchandise in the form of his songs, apparel line, and other business ventures. The riffs he was spouting on the JRE were akin to THX. However, Ye's vision of the future is brighter than the one depicted in that film.

They both felt that the final trilogy was a product of the corporate Disney formula. Joe states, "The Disney Star Wars movies are not art. It's not a work of art. Disney Star Wars movies were formulaic. Whereas the original movies were a true hero's journey."

Ye went on to say that George Lucas developed the original three movies with input from a crew of innovators. Though I agree with that assessment, I recently also admitted I appreciate the Skywalker saga's final films because they complete Anakin's quest to bring balance to the Force.

Ye's Calling

Ye's call to public service stems from his Christian faith. Unlike other seasoned politicians, he recognized himself as both a public and a Christian servant. Some doubted Ye's faith even after the Christian hip hop album release Jesus is King in 2019. Those same individuals forgot the hit single "Jesus Walking" from his earlier album College Dropout released in 2004.

During his conversation with Joe, Ye talked about living 'the pop star life.' Then, he heard God's call. At that moment, he knew he was ready to leave the music industry. He shifted his focus to other sectors while also building up a church in Calabasas, CA. These new business ventures served to satisfy Ye's curiosity. Like an engineer, Ye liked to deconstruct just about everything to see how he could make it better.

Ye's Cash

Ye discussed the financial issues he experienced throughout his career several times during the conversation. These incidents included dealing with treacherous predators found throughout the music industry to those found in corporate America's board rooms. He learned the hard way that ownership does not necessarily drive control. Instead, the person with the most information was the one who was in control.

Ye changed how he ran his businesses, reduced his debt, and pioneered pathways in several industries along the way. Nowadays, he insists that all company business runs through him directly. Ye has experts on staff in an advisory capacity only. Only a few years ago, he was $53 million in debt. In April of 2020 Ye's company, YEEZY, partnered with Gap. At the time of the partnership, Yeezy's valuation was now $2.9 billion.

Ye acknowledged the barriers broken by those who came before him. His parents were his earliest role models. He spoke passionately about his Black Panther father and college professor mother. He also talked about the business barriers Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan, and Michael Jackson busted for him. He stated he wanted to use his influence now to break down walls in the board room.

Ye's Candidacy

COVID kept Ye from registering for his candidacy until this summer. Ye caught the virus and had to quarantine. He thinks he had a mild case of it compared to others. He is currently running for President under the Birthday Party (BDY). He has a mathematical chance of winning if he takes all of the write-in vote states and states where he is on the ballot.

Joe previously said Ye runs on a different wattage than the rest of us. Like a true genius, Ye looks at the world differently. I have always admired the creative leaps and bounds of Ye's music. Now he is making similar strides in other industries as well. Even if America's modern-day Mozart does not win the presidency in 2020, I can see Kanye West taking on the California gubernatorial race challenge in 2022.

If you still doubt Ye's genius, here is what another thought leader had to say about him. Elon Musk wrote the following about Ye after making Time's 100 most influential people list in 2015.

"Kanye West would be the first person to tell you he belongs on this list. The dude doesn't believe in false modesty, and he shouldn't. Kanye's belief in himself and his incredible tenacity—he performed his first single with his jaw wired shut—got him to where he is today. And he fought for his place in the cultural pantheon with a purpose. In his debut album, over a decade ago, Kanye issued what amounted to a social critique and a call to arms (with a beat): "We rappers is role models: we rap, we don't think." But Kanye does think. Constantly. About everything. And he wants everybody else to do the same: to engage, question, push boundaries. Now that he's a pop-culture juggernaut, he has the platform to achieve just that. He's not afraid of being judged or ridiculed in the process. Kanye's been playing the long game all along, and we're only just beginning to see why."


You can view the entire interview on YouTube: 

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