Mark Hamill Comparing The U.S. Presidents To The Original Trilogy Titles

Everyone who knows Star Wars well enough knows Mark Hamill's iconic role as Luke Skywalker. They may also be familiar with his sense of humor, which was more present within the character at certain points in The Last Jedi. So it is probably not so surprising that, last weekend, he shared a meme that includes images of the past two US presidents and the incoming president, with each face accompanied by a different title from the original trilogy.

We all know the original trilogy titles: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. This meme assigns these titles to Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, respectively. And their faces are blue, red, and green, respectively, which may reflect the first lightsaber color that may come to mind when one thinks of each film. A New Hope was a beginning for Luke Skywalker, who was given a blue lightsaber. And Ben Kenobi had a blue one in that installment as well. The Empire Strikes Back is remembered for being Vader heavy, and his blade is red. And Return of the Jedi introduced Luke's iconic green lightsaber. So the colors do match each title.

You can see Mark Hamill's tweet below:

Mark Hamill seems to be describing the meme's "Return of the Jedi" as the best episode ever, given that he shared the meme on the day that the election results came in. The meme has actually been around for a very long time, with people on the internet swapping out faces here and there. What is somewhat interesting, however, is that when Biden's victory was announced, there were many posts on social media comparing the news to the victory celebration at the end of Return of the Jedi. The original trilogy is so ingrained in the minds of the viewers that it is impossible for them not to compare real life to Star Wars.

There are many Star Wars fans who want to keep the franchise and politics separate, but the fact of the matter is that politics are steeped deep within Star Wars. It is not just a Disney thing, as some want others to believe; George Lucas had his views on real life political topics, which served as inspiration for the stories that he wanted to tell within the galaxy far, far away. Even setting aside real life politics, Star Wars itself is filled with politics across the galaxy. While the presentation of politics varies depending on the film, it is there as far back as the original film. And it is no surprise that fans would make comparisons like these. When it comes to meme-making, Star Wars is full of a lot of moments that can be pulled and applied to different scenarios, providing humor for those who need a good laugh from time to time. With more Star Wars content coming and new fans discovering the older stuff, the memes are sure to continue.

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Source(s): Screen Rant