Meet The Villains Of Star Wars The High Republic

Star Wars has a long and storied history, stretching from the original movies to the Sequel movies, traversing animated TV shows, countless books, comics and video games and finally to a live action TV show. Across these mediums are scattered numerous, memorable villains, from Sith Lords such as Darth Vader to bounty hunters like Boba Fett. Without the villains there would be no heroes, and your hero is only ever as good as your villain. A weak villain makes for a weak hero, because if the threat isn't all that plausible then the hero doesn't really have to do much to make everything better. With the Skywalker saga finally over, it's time to begin something new, and a new chapter of the Star Wars story begins. Enter The High Republic.

The new subfranchise, which will be comprised of a series of novels and comics, and which will be arriving January 2021, is set in the period two hundred years before the events of the Skywalker Saga and eight hundred years after the fall of the Old Republic. For the next Star Wars epic, the authors were given free reign, so they came up the idea for The High Republic, and this allows the opportunity for some new, interesting villains.

One of the questions posed was “what scares the Jedi?” One of the results they settled on The Drengir: sentient, plant-based monstrosities, resembling an amorphous mass of tentacles and teeth. Inspired by how real life plants thrive and communicate with each other, the Drengir seek to reap a terrible harvest across the galaxy. They are not only a threat to the galaxy and the Jedi, but they are mysteriously linked to a High Republic Jedi. 


The second, and probably more diverse set of villains for The High Republic are the Nihil, a criminal organization of marauders and raiders that wreak havoc across the galaxy. Comprised of multiple races and divided into three sections called Tempests, the Nihil have been described as “Space Vikings,” and although they don't resemble vikings, they may echo that culture's habits of raiding and pillaging. Each Tempest is led by a leader, who wields complete control over that Tempest, and is known as the Tempest Runner. Known for their brutality and savagery, the Nihil take what they want, kill you, and kill everyone you love. Their motto is “You can't take it with you. But we can take it from you.” An organization such as this is a real threat, because their purpose is not revenge, or hatred, or to take resources to survive. Their purpose is to cause mayhem and destruction, and as such they have been described as “agents of Chaos.” 


One of the main figures associated with the Nihil is Marchion Ro, who holds the title of Eye of the Nihil. This position is held by a leader of the Nihil organization, and Ro's father held the title before him. Rather than simply giving orders, Marchion Ro is the figure at the centre around which everything revolves. It is he that makes the Nihil stand apart from an everyday bunch of Outer Rim raider scum, he is the driving force that causes the Nihil to be one of the most vicious, unyielding chaotic groups the galaxy has ever seen. 


With horrific monsters that blend with the environment and brutal reavers intent on watching worlds burn, the heroes of Star Wars The High Republic are set for some serious challenges in the coming year. Are you excited to delve into Star Wars The High Republic? Which of these villains do you think will cause the most damage or harm across the galaxy?

Star Wars The High Republic launches in January 2021.


Source(s): Inside Star Wars: The High Republic: Meet the Villains