Olaf Recaps The 'Star Wars' Prequels

When thinking of Josh Gad and Star Wars, the first thing that may come to mind is the times when he tried to get "insider information" from Daisy Ridley in interviews as the sequel trilogy was coming out. He has also voiced a controller in Star Wars Rebels episode "Double Agent Droid." Now, we have another reason to associate him with the franchise.

Via Inside the Magic, we have learned that on his Twitter, Gad posted a message urging people to vote. He said that if it got 10,000 retweets, he would recap the Star Wars saga as his Frozen character Olaf. He has previously done a recap like this for Avengers: Engame, all in reference to Olaf's recap of the first Frozen movie at the beginning of Frozen II.

The goal of 10,000 retweets was met, so Gad got down to business and did the recap on Instagram. Dividing the saga into parts, which makes sense given how long it is. It would be easy to gloss over the prequel trilogy given how its reception has not always been very good, to put it mildly. However, Gad had Part 1 of this series cover the prequel trilogy. Highlights include the following:
"A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away there was a Master and a Padawan… let’s just say it doesn’t go well but thank goodness for Master Qui Gon and young hot Obi-Wan, soon to be mid-life, but still hot Obi-Wan, in Disney+’s limited series spin off.”

“Padme, who has her own Malania Trump style body double who will one day escape the back woods… and explore the wide oceans with Jack Sparrow.”

“Our heroes unite with a walking Happy Meal named Jar Jar Binks who teaches them that syntax is only a suggestion.”

“Amidala has a provocative and unnecessary costume change.”

“He will be glued back together and have his revenge over numerous animated series spin-offs.” 

Anakin is the product of a, “working class woman and her one night stand with floating dust particles.”

C-3PO: “The Forrest Gump of the Droid Community.”

“Our 2 marquee stars battle with Darth Maul as a children’s choir sings behind them.”

“Maul is mauled.”

“Because if there is 1 thing that’s harder to kill than an assassin, it’s Anakin’s libido.”

“cloning fan-favorite Boba Fett’s father over and over again.” 

“Where we learn, even in war time, a little bow-chicka-wow-wow never hurts!”

“Jedi Mace Windu overcomes 2 movies with minimal dialogue and finally puts his screen presence to use.”

“Anakin, whose life could have been so different with one day a week of counseling, falls into lava.”

“And while others in the galaxy would immediately die from the same fate, Anakin is met with a state of the art facility, and given access to therapeutics, respirators, and his very own bad a** ventilator, proving that when you elect the wrong people health care is not a right, it’s a privilege. 

“Yoda goes to Dagobah, where he will become a puppet”

 If you want to check out the full video, you can click on it below:

Gad has since done another video recapping A New Hope, thus calling into question whether future recaps of the saga will each focus on one film. This choice would seem odd given the previous recap of three films. Or perhaps there could be one recap per original trilogy film, and then one recap for the entire sequel trilogy. I could see it going either way. We will just have to see what further choices Gad may make with these recaps.

Source(s): Inside The Magic