The Real Reason Bo-Katan Wants The Darksaber

Every avid Star Wars fan knows about the Darksaber and how mysterious and important it is in the Star Wars lore. The Darksaber has some special qualities that the other lightsabers do not. It is one of a kind. This makes it long sought after. But one of the main reasons why it is so sought after is that if a Mandalorian holds the Darksaber, they can rule Mandalore, the homeworld of the Mandalorian clans. The Empire ruined the planet, driving the Mandalorians from their homeland. 


In The Mandalorian season 2, “Chapter 11: The Heiress” gave us a surprise plot line and character. Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) shows up and saves Din Djarin ("Mando") and The Child from the Quarren who antagonize them. Bo-Katan was originally introduced to fans via The Clone Wars animated series and later appeared in Star Wars Rebels as well. Bo-Katan is the heiress to the throne of the planet Mandalore. However, Bo-Katan is a very different Mandalorian than Din. She is from a group called Death Watch. She can remove her helmet whenever she wants. And she has some pretty differing views from Din in relation to Mandalorians and beliefs in general. Bo-Katan and Death Watch’s goal is to return to Mandalore and build up the society that existed there before the Empire attacked Mandalore. However, to accomplish this goal, there is one problem standing in Bo-Katan’s way: she needs the Darksaber to use as a symbol to take her place on the throne on Mandalore and restore balance and peace back to her homeland. 


She is in search of the Darksaber when she and her group encounter Mando. Even though at first this seems like a search for a needle in the haystack, it is revealed that she knows who has it. She is just trying to get close to him to get it. Mandalorian fans will remember that in season 1’s finale, we saw Moff Gideon brandishing the blade after fighting with Mando.


Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Moff Gideon, has talked in interviews numerous times in the last few months about the Darksaber and hinted at its further involvement in the story. Giancarlo Esposito said this at Fan Expo Vancouver. 

“It feels wonderful to have that iconic weapon in my hand. It takes some getting used to, as it is longer than a normal sword or saber. And of course, it is shorter when you turn it off. So you have to figure out how to work the handle. And when you’re using a saber like that, you have to think of — you can’t really hit, because it’ll bend. It has that [humming], it vibrates with that light and that energy … so you have to strike as if you’re trying to hit someone with the heel of your hand, as opposed to letting the saber go out. So you keep your wrist straight. It feels powerful, it feels wonderful. I broke three of them last week [laughs].”

Giancarlo Esposito talked during the TVCA winter tour about how happy he was to be a part of the Star Wars universe.

“It’s been exciting to be a part of that project because of the iconic nature of it, but even more so, because it has returned me to the Star Wars that I loved. “I saw the first few movies and dropped away because it became more and more in a different vein than what I wanted to be in, but this is the true space western. It gives you room and space and each one is a little bit of a film. So you’re able to tell a story visually and it returns to the original guts of mythology based deeply rooted in Joe Campbell’s mythology which George Lucas was so fond of and which is why he was inclusive of that mythology in Star Wars so I’m pleased to be a part of that.”

We don’t know why or how Moff Gideon ended up in possession of the Darksaber, but we do know that it is most sought after, especially by Bo-Katan. It should end up being a hard fought battle in the future of the show. It makes sense that Bo-Katan would be involved in this story since we saw the reintroduction of the Darksaber into the story. Clearly, at some point in the storyline of The Mandalorian, Mando, The Child, Moff Gideon, and Bo-Katan will all end up converging together. Moff Gideon wants The Child. Bo-Katan wants the Darksaber. And Mando has a bone to pick with the villain. 


Whatever comes next, we know it will be good. The Mandalorian is currently premiering new episodes every Friday on Disney+.