About Us

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Chris Seekell | Webmaster, Chief Editor
Based in Los Angeles, Chris has been podcasting with The Star Wars Underworld for 8 years. He enjoys photography, graphic design, hiking, and urban exploration.

Clarice Taylor | Gaming Manager, Chief Financial Officer 
Based out of Los Angeles, Twitch streamer and gaming manager for Culture Slate. They enjoy playing drums, video games, and listening to Twenty Øne Piløts.

Lauren Scott | Producer
Lauren is based in Los Angeles and works in entertainment full time. She’s also a published science fiction author and has written articles for many notable pop culture websites in the past. In her free time she enjoys traveling, staffing events and volunteering for causes she’s passionate about.

Amber Hope | Executive Producer
Amber is originally from South Carolina and is an actor/director based in LA. She is also a game developer, personal trainer and public speaker with credits including Orange is the New Black season 7 promo, MTV show Flex, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Dark and Light. Her story was also published in the book "The Legends of Change"

Follow Amber on Instagram @Mcammertime 

Benjamin Hart | Social Media Director
Based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Ben is the founder of The Star Wars Underworld and has worked diligently on the fan site for over a decade. He enjoys watching movies, listening to (and creating) podcasts, and traveling.